Welcome to Asninities






First posting I guess should talk a little about what I want this to be about. I mean you probably want a reason (and a darn good too huh?) To read my wonderful blog. Goodness knows there are thousands out there, what makes me think I can write a blog that will peak anyone’s interest. Well all I can say is that with this blog I want to share different asinine tales in social issues. See I want to blog about silly little things that don’t seem to get much mass media attention. You know like little things like the S1955 bill going to House soon, or maybe about Judge Leonie Brinkema refusal of jurors’ request for a dictionary (yes the judge of the Moussaoui trial) and perhaps even talk about how the wishes of the families of 9-11 go disregarded on a few different issues? One thing I do know I want this blog to have is different viewpoints, I would like to open up a debate-like forum within this blog. Seems so many blogs (note I didn’t say all blogs) that start out ‘balanced”, allowing different views end up leaning one way or the other. I hope to try to keep that at a min here and since I will be posting about less known or less addressed issues perhaps it will be a slight bit easier to do.

In today’s news it seems to be massive repeats of more sensationalism than news and I have noticed that if one takes the time to read the newspapers (or watch those little by-lines on bottom of cable news stations) one finds a lot of news that slowly fades into the world of the unknowns. This place I like to call Asininities, a place where unknown/uncared news is grasped from the craws of the Great Reaper of Rags.

Some very interesting news only appears in some local newspaper or a 3 second run in the mass media, The result no one talks about these social stories, some are very asinine, others funny and sad. So I hope to bring to light of debate these less known ‘news’ stories sent to Reaper Rags. So with that said let’s get this blog rolling.

Welcome to Asininities



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